I’m course leader for MRes Interaction Design and modules I’ve delivered include:
COC001 – Introduction to Software Develpment (Foundation)
CO2509 – Mobile Computing (Undergrad)
CO3720 – Social Interaction Design (Undergrad)
CO3716 – Flash Programming (Undergrad)
CO4753 – Design Away from the Desktop (Masters)
CO4731 – User Interface Technology (Masters)
CO4403 – Object Oriented Software Development (Masters)
(all teaching material accessible on WebCT at http://elearn.uclan.ac.uk)

I also supervise undergraduate and projects projects and am happy to supervise projects that overlap with my research interests.

I am Resarech Degrees Tutor for Computing and always keen to supervise PhD students working on topics related to my research.

My old teaching materials from Lancaster can be found here (1st year Java and computing fundamentals) and here (ICT MSc Module).